Home and Away stars Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart open up about their special bond

 Whether it’s on-screen or off, Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart have got each other’s backs.

The pair have been pals for 25 years, and for the past seven years have been co-stars on Home and Away, playing married couple Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan.

“Working with Ada is always so easy,” James, 48, tells us. “It’s a joy.”

That bond is clear to see at New Idea’s Home and Away photoshoot.

On set, it’s hot, it’s humid but Ada and James are complete troopers, and knock things over in record time!

“I love the La Dolce Vita feel to this shoot,” Ada says. “I love that whole fun and glamorous era. I also love Italy – and I love pasta!” 

So much so, Ada adds, that she’s already planning her next European holiday.

“I’m someone who needs a holiday – or eight! – to look forward to,” she says with a warm laugh.

Before she can take off once more, Ada, 46, and James are heading back to Summer Bay, where they will immediately dive back into one of their most difficult tales to date—Leah's recovery from a mental health crisis.

Ada says, "It's been challenging."

"It's been really exhausting to film this storyline, but it's an important one to tell."

"I've had a lot of big storylines over the past year, so it's been really good career-wise," continues Ada, who has been a cast member since 2000

Ada and James originally became together in 1998 while filming the Australian drama Breakers. The couple enjoys spending their free time with their families because they now work together for a large portion of the day.

Scout, James's eleven-year-old daughter, and Ada's eleven-year-old son Johnas are parents.

James explains, "We like to come in to work, have a laugh, get the job done, and then get home to our kids because we both have amazing lives outside of work."

Another thing that unites the co-stars is that they have kids that are the same age.

“Ada has given me a couple of notes on raising a daughter when I’ve asked her questions and she’s got questions for me too, sometimes,” James says. 

With another full-on filming schedule ahead for 2024, Ada says she’s ready to throw herself into the work with her on-set family. 

“Home and Away is like my other family to me,” she confesses.

“That’s why I’ve stayed with the show for so many years! It’s really lovely to work with Jimmy because he’s so passionate about the work, which means I am too. We all support each other in the Bay – it’s really lovely.”

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