GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Will Sonny Forgive Nina?

Sonny has a big decision to make in today’s Friday cliffhanger GENERAL HOSPITAL, and he’s not the only one! Cyrus warns Laura she won’t like the truth, Drew and Sam butt heads over their daughter, Anna offers to help Felicia, Cody worries he’s making a mistake, and Sasha advises Nina. Visiting her brother in the hospital, Laura is horrified to see how badly beaten Cyrus is. And of course, she wants to know who did this to him. “Once you know the answer,” he warns, “you may well be sorry you asked.” Is turning Laura against Sonny all part of Cyrus’ grand scheme?
Sam was taken aback when Drew announced he’d pulled some strings and gotten Scout into Westwood Academy, but as soon as the little girl admitted she didn’t want to go to that school, she quickly assured her she didn’t have to. Of course, Drew isn’t happy to find out that Sam has gone behind his back. “You get the final word when it comes to what’s best for our daughter?” he snaps.

Emotionally crushed by the news of Bobbie’s death, Felicia is in tears as she prepares to take care of some arrangements. But thankfully, Anna is there to lend a helping hand. “She wouldn’t want you to do this alone,” she assures her pal.
More often than not, Cody acts before he thinks, but it looks like he’s starting to work a little smarter and now is even looking for some advice! “Do you not think that’s a good idea?” he asks someone.
Nina fears she will never be able to rebuild the amazing life she had built for herself now that her secret has been revealed. Sasha is also willing to try and assist, even if the majority of people don't even want to look at her at the moment. She says, "Let it be; you might get what you want." Following the shocking disclosure of Nina's deceit and treachery, Lois inquires about Sonny's well-being. And because she knows him so well, Lois is taken aback by his answer. She thinks, "You're not done with her for good?" Is this the end for Sonny and Nina, or will he find forgiveness in his heart?
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