General Hospital Spoilers: Cody’s Support Makes Maxie Think Twice About That Paternity Test

 General Hospital spoilers leak Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is lying about being Mac Scorpio’s (John J. York) son — and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) thinks she knows it. Performing a second — and secret — paternity test was the quickest way to sniff out the truth once and for all, but Felicia may soon be pulled away from her hometown investigation for a much larger problem out of town.

If that’s the case, someone else is going to have to carry the torch and see her plan through. Who can she trust to pick up those test results and get to the bottom of why
 Cody lies if the test confirms he is Mac’s son?

General Hospital Spoilers — Maxie Has Dismissed Her Mother’s Concerns

Although Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) has encouraged her mother to stop worrying, the more time she spends with Cody, the more probable it is that she will start to harbour similar concerns.

If Maxie had been left to her own ways, she might have confronted Cody and demanded the truth instead of taking his DNA to confirm the reality.

But Felicia is aware enough not to try to scam a former con man. Maxie's perspective might evolve when she begins to notice how evasive Cody becomes whenever Mac's name is brought up.

GH Spoilers Suggest Cody Cares a Bit Too Much

Not only does Cody appear uneasy when Mac's name is mentioned, but he also seems to believe Felicia has already told Maxie about her theory. If she has, he understands that they are all skirting the truth, the proverbial "elephant in the room."

He is uncomfortable because he is aware that he is lying and that there may not be much time left for him to tell the truth. Furthermore, he doesn't want to lose them or cause them any harm simply because he lied for selfish purposes.

Rumor has it Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) might be able to help smooth things out on that front.

General Hospital Spoilers — Felicia Pushes Pause

On occasion, Felicia and Mac fall in love while conducting a study. Occasionally, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sam McCall are involved. Occasionally, it's Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

It will be Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie this time. Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Jackie Zeman's (Jaclyn Zeman) business partner Bobbie Spencer (starts to smell bad), so they take the first available flight to Amsterdam.

That’s going to leave her investigation into Cody’s paternity up in the air — right where Maxie can take over. Will Maxie and Spinelli start the new year pairing up to unearth the truth about Cody’s ties to her family?

If so, what will they do with that information when they find out and Mac and Felicia are 3,000 miles away?

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