Young and the Restless Christian Le Blanc Says Fans Tipped Him Off To His Cancer


It wasn’t that long ago that Michael Baldwin fought cancer on The Young and the Restless, and now his portrayer, Christian Le Blanc, has revealed that he, too, has had to face the dreaded disease. A tip from fans actually started him on his journey.

Christian Le Blanc Is In Remission

The actor spoke with Eric Paulsen on CBS affiliate 4WWL about his recent struggle with multiple myeloma. He explained how he became aware of it. "There was a tumor right here [pointing to the center of his forehead, above his eyebrow line] pressing on my optic nerve, but the fans caught it, they didn't know until after this surgery."

It was fortunate that the actor was examined as a result of it. "There was a tumor in the sinus cavity, and this eye occasionally turned a little wacky.I reasoned that this eye might have advanced more if I hadn't gotten an eye checkup. The hazard of this malignancy is that it spreads quickly.

He continued to elaborate on it. "It is cancer that is easily detected and attacked once you are within...These people studied neurology. My eye doctor suggested that since my eyes were a touch droopy, I should see a neurological ophthalmologist—someone I had never even heard of.

Fortunately, they managed to finish it swiftly. There had been signs. He has rapidly lost 35 pounds, and a prop on the set truly made him aware of his extreme weight reduction. "They put my wedding ring on that Lauren and Michael's wedding ring, and I put my hand down, and the ring fell off without friction," he claimed. "On set, my nose started to bleed.

"I had never been to Saint John's Providence Hospital in Santa Monica, but I was diagnosed there around June," he continued. "Until this year, I have never spent a day in a hospital in my 65 years of life."

The reason the actor's on-screen persona, Michael, had to bail his mother Gloria (Judith Chapman) out of a legal bind after becoming so engrossed in Phyllis's (Michelle Stafford) case can be explained by this diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Le Blanc was back on the show and in full remission, according to the host. His return's first show? The Thanksgiving show, as it happens, seems a fitting title. We are happy that Christian Le Blanc is back to 100% health and participating in the show, Soap Hub.

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