Y&R IQ Test: Does Kyle Really Think He’s the Smartest Abbott?


Kyle Abbott has thrown caution to the wind on The Young and the Restless and is now all in on Audra and Tucker’s plan to take Jabot from the Abbott family. He really believes they will then sweetly hand it over to him and pat him on the head for being such an excellent team player. When questioned by his family, Kyle slickly made up answers to keep them completely in the dark. He thinks. Or does he? Does Kyle ever think? And, when he does, does he honestly think he is the smartest member of the Abbott family?

Kyle Abbott: From Generation To Generation

Zuleyka Silver's character, Audra, was informed by Kyle (Michael Mealor) that he is supporting her because he is fed up with being ignored at Jabot. Yes, Why would three people with over a century of combined business experience—Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and Billy (Jason Thompson)—think they could be more knowledgeable than a young person whose father bought him a toy company to play with and who never attended college? What sort of reasoning is that? Genoa City's senility has got to be spreading!

Young and the Restless: Think System

Kyle just gave Ashley a knowing look when she inquired whether he had given any thought to the idea that Audra was using him at Tucker's (Trevor St. John) behest. Now that we think about it, Kyle's go-to expression when he's not crying, eyes watering, and chin shaking is a smirk. But did Ashley's remarks fail to leave any impression? Is he really that certain it's not feasible at all?

Y&R: Fool’s Game

Kyle has already been acted out. By Eric Braeden, Victor. By Tara (Elizabeth Leiner), by Summer (Allison Lanier), and by Theo. Heck, we'll wager that Harrison (Kellen Enriquez) is able to acquire anything he desires from him. Where does Kyle get the confidence to believe he's the smartest guy in the room, aside from the fact that he's a wealthy, heterosexual, white man?

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