The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Victor’s Monstrous Pre-Halloween Behavior Is Cruel – Adam, Nick, And Victoria Targeted


Victor feels that his children were unable to get along at work, which threatened the business. Victoria’s track record as Chief Executive Officer logically proves otherwise but common sense does not seem to rate. Victoria was tipped off by her mother when Nikki said Victor was trying to unnerve her, but Thomas Scott’s character did not go any further at that point in the plot.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victoria Newman’s Job Performance Disrupted

Victor gave Victoria the freedom to operate Newman Enterprises while she looked out for the company's best interests.

He was sick of her arguing with Adam, so he essentially took advantage of their disagreement to oust her as CEO and replace it with co-CEO, with Braeden's persona taking back all decision-making authority.

Victor hasn't been pressing Victoria too much on the memory issue thus far. She is thought to have keener senses than his sons, therefore he is trying to trick her more carefully.

Unless Victor can fabricate a diagnosis and correspondingly a bogus stabilising therapy, exposure is unavoidable. His scheme to deceive his kids isn't just a corny Halloween practical joke, and the Newman family on Y&R appears to be in for some major fallout.

Y&R Spoilers – Adam Newman Accepts Demotion

Adam returned to the family business, but he hasn't accepted his demotion. But he's trying to gain Victor's trust and approval by putting up a positive front.

Adam's effectiveness as his assistant thus far has not caused any issues for Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). Victor doesn't think Adam is committed to this menial task he purposefully assigned him, which now seems to be a part of the bigger plan in play.

Teasers suggest that a few minutes after firing Adam, Victor will act as though nothing had happened. Therefore, Victor's fictitious memory problems continue to worsen.

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