Soap Hub October Powerhouse Performer for Y&R: Courtney Hope


The Young and the Restless viewers know that Sally Spectra is moving forward after losing her daughter and her job. For the powerhouse performer of the month, Soap Hub presented the honor to Sally’s portrayer, Courtney Hope.

Courtney Hope: Y&R Powerhouse Performer

Sally struggled with her love for both Newman brothers, thus it was a huge month for her. While Nick (Joshua Morrow) was away, Adam (Mark Grossman) kissed her, and Hope didn't make Sally pull away right away. Although Sally firmly told Adam there was no hope, for a brief moment she did kiss him back. Additionally, Sally turned around and informed Nick about the kiss and how much she loved him. Nick sensed that she was desperate, so he ended their relationship.

Of course Sally and Adam may still hope. The sequence in Hope where Sally confessed her affections for Adam was one of the most poignant. The actress used sobs and dejected body language to convey how emotionally taxing the entire experience was. Although Sally understands that Adam is completely wrong for her, she still can't help but love him. Of fact, despite Hope's credible performance, very few, if any, viewers genuinely thought Sally was real.

Hope demonstrated that she wasn't very moved by Sally's friend's arguments in her interactions with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Sally's heart was obviously not in that notion, despite Chloe's passionate arguments against Adam and for Sally to get back together with Nick.

Adam quickly realised there was a chance the spark would turn into a fire. As Sally and Adam sat down to drink at the GCAC bar, Hope displayed the sympathetic side of her on-screen persona by listening to Adam talk about Victor's (Eric Braeden) mental decline—a deception that neither of them realised. When Adam confided in her about his fear for his father, she was affected beyond measure.

Hope gave Adam a long, drawn-out hug, letting Sally know how she felt. Then, when they kissed, things got more intense. As they staggered into her room, Adam made the offer to step down, but Sally declined. Hope didn't have Sally give Adam any indications that their connection would be anything more than that, even though they were both in on hitting the sheets.

Congratulations, Courtney Hope, on an outstanding month of performances. We eagerly anticipate Sally's next move.

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