Who is new character Andrew?

 The devastating news that Andrew's father Archie had passed away from a heart attack was revealed to Cash on the episode of Monday.

Finding out what has been happening to Andrew over the past five years is becoming more and more challenging for the couple now that both of his parents are no longer in the picture.

After looking through the police files, Cash discovered a poster for a missing person, which was his final breakthrough. When Andrew was four years old, it appears that his father kidnapped him, and he hasn't been seen since.

In the upcoming episode, when Andrew, Theo (Matt Evans), and Kirby go to the beach, they're surprised to see that Andrew is an expert swimmer, jumping into the waves like he's lived in Summer Bay for years.

Theo comments to Andrew, "I still can't believe it, you were so good out there." "I had no idea that you could swim."

"Me neither," replies Andrew. They are all taken aback, and it appears that Andrew doesn't recall much of his past.

Kirby muses, "I wonder what else you're going to learn about you.

As the week progresses, Cash confronts Andrew about his kidnapping and explains that his father took him when he was only four years old. Cash queries Andrew about whether he recalls running away or coming to the city, but the interrogation quickly wears Andrew down to the point where he erupts in wrath.

Later, Andrew assures Justin, "Dad would never do anything like that policeman was saying."

Justin thinks that if Andrew could get in touch with his mother, it would improve his life, therefore Cash and Justin are hoping to find her. But they quickly discover that Andrew had been held hostage by a well-known cult.

Cash cautions Justin, "I've never dealt with anything like this before." "You must exercise caution."

In a preview for upcoming episodes, Cash and Justin are seen driving to a rural place to find the enigmatic sect. However, when they encounter a man carrying a crossbow, things swiftly take a nasty turn.

Are they ready to put themselves in grave peril in their quest for the truth as another man walks towards them?

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