Home and Away Ziggy star's life - co-star romance, crippling health battle and glam snaps

  The Australian serial opera Home and Away has featured Sophie Dillman as the disobedient young woman Ziggy Astoni for five years, and the Daily Star has looked at the actress' life outside of the spotlight.

an area soap The unruly wild youngster Ziggy Astoni, who has serious familial problems, was first presented to Home and Away audiences in 2017.

The rebellious lead character has given fans a range of dramatic tales while she's been in Summer Bay, including being abducted, supporting her mother through a cancer diagnosis, and finding out about her husband's extramarital affair.

In contrast to her rebellious character, actress Sophie Dillman lives a very different existence.

Learn more about the attractive actress who played this disobedient role as she develops a romance with one of the soap opera's sexiest actors and struggles with a serious health problem of her own.

Co-star romance

Despite constantly being seen kissing her on-screen beau Dean Thompson, the Australian soap opera star also has a romantic relationship with actor Patrick O'Connor, which fans might not be aware of.

The actors opened up about their romance to TV Week in 2021, describing how they first became close friends before falling in love.

We were fortunate in that sense since we worked together before we became friends.

Being in a friendship-based relationship is beneficial. Our relationship is based on being best friends first and foremost, but we also closer because of how we met.

They recently adopted Winnie, a sweet little cavoodle with whom they had previously made an appearance on This Morning Australia in May.

When appearing on the talk show, they also talked about how difficult it may be to keep their personal and professional lives distinct.

The hardest aspect, in Sophie's opinion, is when you have to go from a domestic argument straight into a love scene. But you later chuckle about it.

"We're not bad, really. We've had a lot of practice, so it's okay, she continued.

Health battle

Her portrayal on television Ziggy is typically shown as being sarcastic, confident, and even slightly rebellious. Sophie, an actress, has come forward and acknowledged that she has a condition that causes her to experience extreme anguish.

The 29-year-old has struggled with endometriosis, which appears when tissue that resembles the uterine lining expands outside the womb and frequently causes infertility and pain, for the majority of her life.

I occasionally wish I had a little more of Ziggy's confidence, Sophie tells Woman's Day from her Sydney home. Ziggy exudes a lot of it.

Sophie, who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 21 and has already undergone three procedures to remove tissue growths, remembers a couple occasions in high school when she woke up in the morning, collapsed, and puked from the discomfort. At the age of 21, Sophie received the diagnosis.

Sophie was a certified nurse before she started performing. She had her first laparoscopic procedure at the age of 20 to address endometriosis.

I was really lucky to live mostly pain-free for five years after my initial surgery, she says. That lasted until around 18 months ago, when I started feeling discomfort once more, and that is when things started to get truly challenging.

Sophie has figured out how to use exercise, food, medicine, and enough of sleep to manage her discomfort and bloating while juggling a busy work and social life.

On her toughest days, the Mazda ambassador is grateful for the encouragement she gets from her online fans, her family, her friends, and her partner, Home And Away co-star Patrick O'Connor.

Patrick is a nice and understanding companion. He pays attention to what I'm saying.

Additionally, everyone at work is really motivating. I'm quite lucky, indeed.

Glam snaps

Despite her health struggles, the blonde beauty has a very stylish and active off-screen life and frequently updates her 285k Instagram followers.

The actress and her partner Patrick O'Connor clearly had a great time because they posted pictures from their vacation to Mykonos, Greece, earlier this year.

O'Connor posted images of Dillman and himself with the Greek island in the background to Instagram along with the caption, "Mykonos has him now."

In a dramatic ball gown in a different image, the celebrity looks magnificent for her appearance at the 2022 Logies.

The magnificent red opera cloak was worn with the low-cut black and white lace dress that highlighted her endowments.

Fans raced to the comments section to gush about the star's gorgeous appearance.

"Speechless," gushed one admirer. Without speech, I am.

God damn you are one beautiful woman, said another, while a third said, "Regardless of whether you win or lose, you won with this fit."

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