Home and Away Spoilers – Cash uncovers Andrew’s dark origins

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Andrew's mysterious past starts to come to light as Marilyn makes progress in her battle against Stunning Organics.

Since she made the decision to work a little bit more to raise money for her son Jett's (Will McDonald) impending wedding, Marilyn (Emily Symons) has had quite the struggle.

After mulling over several options, she decided to join Stunning Organics, a cosmetic company that seemed to match her love of ethical, cruelty-free products and her passion for beauty (Maz operated a hair shop during one of her earlier stints in Summer Bay).

Marilyn felt certain that she and Stunning Organics were a suitable match because of the business's positive ratings.

The strategy was straightforward: the business would send her monthly shipments of its goods, which she would then resell for a profit. Even though she had no idea how to promote them, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and social media appeared to be able to help her make it work.

.Marilyn blamed herself when more boxes than intended showed up, but things swiftly went wrong.

Alf (Ray Meagher) was concerned when he discovered from the product's ingredient label that the contents weren't as natural as Maz had been led to believe because one of the products had given Roo (Georgie Parker) an allergic reaction.

The fact that all of the good reviews Marilyn had read had been posted on Stunning Organics' own website rapidly made them appear to be slightly biased. When Marilyn and her friends began investigating the company, they found that there were a lot of unfavorable reviews online, including complaints about allergic reactions and the appalling treatment of their brand ambassadors.

It turned out that Maz was not the only individual who had received more stuff than they had bought; the company's strategy appeared to be to send an increasing number of boxes to their unwitting marketing ambassadors.

Marilyn signed up for a year, and when she tried to cancel her subscription, she found that there was no cancellation clause; the company would keep shipping her boxes every week for the rest of her contract.

She decided to expose the company last week by doing so on social media. She and Kirby created a video that quickly gained popularity, but after that, Maz was warned by the business to take down her post or risk legal repercussions.

When she divulged that the boxes had been accumulating at Irene's (Lynne McGranger) house, she eventually admitted to Alf how much difficulty she was in.

This week, Marilyn receives a lifeline with a little assistance from her pals.

According to TV Week, Alf and Roo start looking for former Stunning Organics workers in the hopes that they will corroborate Marilyn's account and provide them with proof to use against the shady business. Nobody is willing to speak on the record, so it's still Maz's word against the firm, despite their best efforts.

According to Emily, who speaks to TV Week, "they find out all the other brand ambassadors were duped." "Stunning Organics deceives consumers into signing up every day. And these helpless folks are powerless to escape.

When a label on one of the cosmetic bottles starts to come off, Maz and Co. realize they've hit the jackpot just as they start to feel like they're losing the war. Another label with a different corporate name is located underneath.

They eventually realize that the business merely applies new labels over the old ones and keeps closing down and reopening under various brand names. They avoid getting caught by never using one name over an extended period of time.

Finally having anything to work with, Roo sends Stunning Organics an email warning them to free Marilyn from her contract or she will present the new material to the police.

For this Thursday's shows, spoilers indicate that the strategy is successful since "Marilyn gets what she wished for."

The catch, as revealed by the spoilers, is that it appears the story may still have a long way to go.

As Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Justin (James Stewart) get closer to learning the truth about Andrew's history, the story of Andrew (Joshua Hewson) gets more and more concerning in other episodes this week.

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