Home and Away fans go wild as actress Sophie Dillman debuts her 'baby bump' in a tight red dress


Red hot mama! Home and Away fans go wild as actress Sophie Dillman debuts her 'baby bump' in a tight red dress as she films scenes for the soap

Sophie Dillman from Home and Away has made her pregnancy known for the program.

On Tuesday, the actress shared a photo of herself online while posing in the wardrobe department while portraying the pregnant character Ziggy Astoni on the soap opera.

As she posed for the camera while wearing the outfit, Sophie was unmistakably an expectant mother.

Many Home and Away fans did a double take, believing Sophie was pregnant in real-life.  

One reader said, "I thought she was having a kid in real life."

Another fan asked Sophie's boyfriend Patrick O'Connor to "please you two have a Bebe in real-life."

Another person said, "It's going to be fantastic seeing Ziggy and Dean as parents. They're so perfect for each other."

This month, Sophie told 7Entertainment how grateful she felt to be allowed to play a pregnant woman on the show.

I feel really fortunate to be able to practice all the pregnancy-related activities without actually being pregnant, she said.

Ziggy "got everything," as in nausea, fatigue, mood swings, discomfort, Braxton Hicks, and other symptoms of that nature.

Going through all of that, particularly with your real-life partner, actually sparks a lot of discussion that I don't believe many people would have unless they were actually walking around with a fake pregnancy tummy, she explained.

In addition to their on-screen relationship, Sophie and Patrick, who play Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni, have a relationship off-screen.

 Sophie recently revealed how her and Patrick's first date was not as romantic as she had hoped.

When they went to Mary's, a burger spot in Newtown, for dinner, she was in great pain because she had been rushed to the hospital owing to an endometriosis flare-up.

She was so miserable at one point that she had to sit on the sidewalk.

I declared, "I must sit down right away." She recalled that [Patrick] told her, "Sophie, we're on King Street, you can't sit down."

I called my mother while I was sitting in a laneway and said, "Mum, I've got to go to hospital, it's so horrible, I don't have enough painkillers."

He had never seen anything like that before, the poor guy, and my sister was also offering me advice.

She said that despite the fact Patrick 'went white', he did everything he could to support her, which was a major green flag.

Sophie and her boyfriend Patrick O'Connor play Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni on-screen and also enjoy an off-screen romance 

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