GH Spoilers: Elizabeth Framed As The Hook — Reiko Is Alive!

 General Hospital – Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)General Hospital spoilers and updates reveals when Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) was younger, she had a strained relationship with her parents — most notably, her father, Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson). In recent months, Elizabeth has been losing time and finding herself unable to explain where she’s been or what happened.

 During many of those instances, she has been consumed by a memory replaying in her mind that she had no recollection of until recently. This memory could be the key that unlocks a secret history for both she and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) that neither of them are even aware of. Do they want to be?

General Hospital Spoilers — The Two Men Who Loved Reiko Finn
Finn is the man of Elizabeth’s dreams, or so she thought. Lately, all she’s dreaming about are memories she can’t make sense of that haunt her from the past. Before Finn came to Port Charles, he had ties to Elizabeth’s family. 

The research he was carrying out on Blackwoods — the disease that would allegedly claim the life of his late wife Reiko — was done with funding from Elizabeth and Hayden Barnes’ (Rebecca Budig) father, Jeff.

Once upon a time on General Hospital, Jeff Webber was a potential love interest for Reiko — or so Elizabeth’s memory is leading fans to believe. There are other possibilities that haven’t been explored, such as Reiko being tied to Jeff in some other way. 

Might they have conspired in a crime together? Could they have been father and daughter, rather than romantic lovers? Either way, Jeff may have been invested in Reiko’s life enough to have caused her pain.

GH Spoilers – Hints Reiko Finn Is Alive!

Love never dies, and often, neither do people — at least not in Port Charles. Is it possible that Reiko has been alive all of these years? If she has, Jeff’s absence from Port Charles and Elizabeth’s and her sons’ lives could be due to keeping Reiko’s secret. But why would Reiko have staged her death and let her husband grieve that kind of loss if it was all a lie?

Reiko may have been involved with Jeff or another man, and soon we might discover via Elizabeth’s slow release memory that Reiko was pregnant at the bottom of those stairs. Could Elizabeth be the reason she lost that child during her tumble down the flight of stairs Liz can’t take her mind off of?

General Hospital Spoilers — Elizabeth Webber Looks Like The Hook
In an attempt to hurt Jeff and get Finn back, or just to hold Elizabeth accountable for the death of her unborn child, Reiko could be out for vengeance. Decades have passed, and it’s impossible to know where Reiko has been all of this time, but it’s starting to look like Jeff might have known all along.

As people around Elizabeth keep turning up hooked, and the good nurse struggles to account for her whereabouts during more of these slayings, someone close to her is going to start asking questions. 

The answers won’t lead to Reiko, but could lead police to Elizabeth’s front door — and Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) for covering for Elizabeth when she couldn’t account for where she was and what she was doing when Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) was attacked at the Quartermaine picnic. Stick with up for more GH spoilers; The Hook storyline is just gearing up for a plot twist.

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