GH News: Star Maurice Benard Faces His Fears!

 Always open about his mental health, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard (Sonny) took to social media to let fans know that he’s in a very good place these days. And in fact, he even put it to the test and came out the other side just fine!

“I know on State of Mind I always say how great I am doing, no major anxiety since the pandemic,” Benard shared on Instagram. “And it is very true. Every so often, I like to test my triggers. Disneyland roller coasters is one of them. I know, I know, they’re not that scary to most people. To me, it’s nerve-wracking.”

The actor shared a selfie video he took while riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster at Disneyland with his daughter, Heather, in the seat next to him. As they came out of a tunnel, Benard managed a smile and declared: “Alright, not bad, right? Actually, I’m doing great.”

Heather's father even chuckled as they crested another hill when she reminded him that the ride had only just begun. He said, "The fact that I can even be filming... is good." Okay, let's wait and see what happens. Benard was able to continue recording and make an effort to enjoy the trip as the roller coaster suddenly veered erratically through a series of turns.

He acknowledged, "I got on a little apprehensive. "And I'm happy to report that I wasn't at all fazed! Next, in two weeks, I'll be visiting Graceland. Airplane, I'm ready for you. I'm not scared of you!

Given the actor's well-known phobia of flying, it appears that Benard rode a roller coaster in Disneyland to prepare for his trip to Tennessee for the GH Celebration event. However, based on this video, he should have no issues at all! Therefore, those of you visiting Graceland may anticipate seeing Benard with his castmates as scheduled.


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