General Hospital’s Hook Exposed… by the Movie to Which the Murder Plot Pays Homage!

 Math is not our strong suit, but we’ve done some, anyway, and reached a startling conclusion.

Comparisons to the 1997 slasher film I Know What You Did Last Summer, in which a hook-wielding serial murderer walks around doing whatever a hook-wielding serial killer will, rain slicker or not, have been made since The Hook's reign of terror on General Hospital began. What if, though, we ought to have been doing more than just drawing parallels? What if we ought to have been making inferences?

A gang of remarkably gorgeous buddies cover up the death of a person they run over with their car in the movie. They start being stalked a year later, and it turns out that their merciless tormentor is not the man they believed they had slain, but rather his killer (who had been seeking retribution for the loss of his daughter). Spoiler alert!

The killer is obvious if we apply that fundamental plot structure to General Hospital and its Hook tale. Sonny killed Julian Jerome, the bomber who had Hot Dustin and Dev pushing up daisies, in the fall of 2020. (and put Lulu in a coma). Who would possibly want to retaliate for that? Olivia, his crazy sister, that's who.

Diane's claim that her assailant was a female lends support to this notion. Esme has been the subject of many theories, but the show would never let a character with such destructive potential go to waste. What about a revived Nelle? Ignore it. If she is raised from the dead, it will be to torture "Millow" and reconnect with Mommie Dearest rather than carry out a murderous rampage.

What do you think? Have we solved the mystery?  

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