General Hospital Spoilers: Wes Ramsey RETURNS? Britt’s Mysterious Box Reveals A Peter-Twin

 General Hospital spoilers suggest that while Peter August might be dead on the soap opera, he hasn’t stopped creating trouble for everyone. Now, in another dose of troublesome situations, GH spoilers say that Peter August will stir the pot for Britt Westbourne. Long-time GH viewers keeping up with the soap would remember when Peter died, he left a mysterious box for Britt. Is this something related to that? Here is everything to know.

Peter Left A Mysterious Box For Britt

Regular watchers of General Hospital may remember that Peter left Britt a mystery box when he passed away. Although Britt had stated she'd throw the box away because it was so unsettling, she didn't. According to the most recent General Hospital recap, Britt got into a conversation with her sister-in-law Maxie and informed her that she didn't want to throw away the box Peter gave her since she had a curiosity about what was inside.

Maxie, though, vehemently disagreed. Maxie feels that everything Peter did was evil in light of everything he made Maxie go through. He has only ever given her Bailey, which is the only good deed he has ever committed. Other than that, he was nasty in all he touched. She advised Britt not to participate in any of it as a result. But would she pay attention?

It seems unlikely that Britt will follow any of Maxie's suggestions. In fact, she will ask Cody for assistance in determining what is contained in this package. Viewers of General Hospital are aware that Cody has been showing interest in Britt ever since he learned that Caesar Faison is her father. He will want to know what it is if she finds out that her cruel brother left her with a weird item.

General Hospital: What Could The Box Have?

Although we think Britt will soon want to know what is inside this package, we have to wonder what could be inside. Given how wicked Peter was, it seems to reason that the box would contain solely items that resembled him. Could there be a big secret reveal in it? Regular viewers of General Hospital are aware that Britt's immediate family has largely departed the community. What are the chances that the box will include a message informing her that they have a second sibling? That is a rumor that has been circulating since Peter's passing. Therefore, is that happening right now?

Other than that, it's likely that Peter told Britt anything about Victor that she didn't know. Everyone is aware that Victor is one of General Hospital's shadiest characters. What are the chances that Peter may have given some of Victor's major secrets to Britt? To find out, we must wait. According to General Hospital teasers, Peter will soon learn a lot of new mysteries. Make sure to watch and take pleasure in this. Although Wes Ramsey left General Hospital, his admirers still miss and long for his return. Do you desire his coming back? Let us know in the comments section.

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