General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Is Furious, Gets Nikolas Arrested!

 General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava might lose her temper when she sees Esme with her baby bump. Owing to how angry she feels, she might do something nobody thought Ava would do. 

GH’s spoilers hint that Ava might end up getting Nikolas arrested and becoming the only one in charge. It looks like Ava will use the video evidence against Nikolas and put him behind bars. Would she really do it? How will the whole storyline move forward? Keep reading to find out

General Hospital: Ava Is Angry

Spoilers for General Hospital indicate that Ava is irate. She is actually very irate. She has good cause to be upset for a few reasons. Nikolas cheated on Ava with Esme not long after, according to GH followers who follow the drama. This realization has knocked Ava off course, and she has been falling ever since.

More spoilers imply that Esme's pregnancy may soon be revealed to Ava. While Nikolas is making every effort to conceal the truth, it doesn't appear like he will be able to do so for very long. On General Hospital, the truth always comes out, and Esme's truth won't stay hidden for long. After that, chaos will ensue and Ava will act in a way that no one expected her to. How would Ava react?

Ava’s Fury, Gets Nikolas Arrested!

General Hospital fans recently witnessed Nikolas producing a video in which he solely accepted responsibility for whatever happened to Esme. He absolved Ava of responsibility for not only killing Esme but also for everything else that occurred to her. The only person who is aware of this recorded confession is Ava. She is the only one with this at all. Therefore, it's conceivable that if she loses her cool, she'll do something like expose Nikolas and throw him in jail.

Viewers of General Hospital are already aware that Ava has a temper problem. She might even attempt to have Nikolas arrested. She would be forced to arrest Jordan if she gave him the confession video, which she could do very quickly. Since learning the truth about Nikolas, Ava hasn't really exacted any sort of retaliation. She merits the opportunity to exact revenge on Nikolas.

Ava has experienced a lot lately. She had to face the reality of Nikolas' deceit first. She then escaped the hook. She has obviously been dealing with a lot, and when she finds out Esme is pregnant, she will lose it all. It will be entertaining to watch Ava reclaim the wheel and exact some justice on Nikolas. Would Ava actually take such a step? We'll find out soon. Every weekday, General Hospital is broadcast on ABC. Keep an eye on the action.

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