GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 10/20/22: Where Is Lucy?

 Accusations and shocks abound in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Martin wants to know what happened to Lucy, Epiphany places the blame on Marshall, Rory asks Trina the tough questions, Michael continues to clash with Ned, Anna vows to destroy Victor, Curtis leans on Sonny, and Willow makes a shocking discovery!

When Anna heard shots being fired at the docks and only found Lucy's shoe, everyone feared the worst. Martin visits the police station to inquire on the status of the businesswoman who is still missing. He queries Dante and Jordan, "Are there any updates on Lucy?" Will she be discovered unharmed or did Victor exact his vengeance?

Epiphany says to Marshall at the hospital, holding up a number of index cards, "I'm holding you personally responsible!" Does this have anything to do with Marshall playing music for the patients, or is Epiphany's medical school preparation more likely the cause?

Trina was hesitant to accept Rory's invitation to travel with him to a comic book convention outside of the city because of her previous experience outside of Port Charles (she was falsely accused of making a sex tape with her closest pals!). However, the new officer hasn't given up yet. He asks her, "Do you not want to go away with me?" What will be her reaction?

Looks like Curtis is having second thoughts and he shares his concerns with Sonny. “I’m just wondering if I made the right choice,” he admits. Will he regret getting into bed with Ms. Wu and letting her run her illegal gambling business out of his club?

Willow walks into the boathouse at the Quartermaine estate and is greeted by a shocking sight causing her to let out a terrified scream! Has she found the missing Lucy… or someone else?

Check out this tease for today’s exciting episode of GH!

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