Are Robert Scorpio and Diane Miller a General Hospital Match?

 A new love connection in Port Charles or a mismatch or the highest order?

Since the passing of his ex-wife Holly Sutton almost three years ago on General Hospital, Robert Scorpio has essentially lived alone. Then, just as everyone in the room is aware that Holly is returning to Port Charles, Robert develops an unexpected romantic interest in Diane Miller. That is incredibly practical. But is it even conceivable?

General Hospital Polling

The vote couldn’t have been closer, as exactly 50% of the audience voted to say that, yeah, sure, Robert (Tristan Rogers) could fall for Diane (Carolyn Hennesy). Why not? Except that the love of his life would always be Holly (Emma Samms).

And Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is the next in line for those who don't think Holly fits that job. He and Diane might enjoy themselves. However, it will always be a distant second.

They have a lot in common, 36% venture. They’re both in the legal profession. They’re both snarky. They both…have a pulse. All those things absolutely make for a good romantic match. Sure.

Different General Hospital Worlds

Are you serious, 14% of you are pausing to think? Yes, they are both attorneys, but Robert is the one who puts the bad men in jail, while Diane tries to keep them out. We recognize the confusion. After all, less than 20 years after risking his life to bring down the mob, Anthony Geary's character Luke Spencer was hanging out with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and moaning about how he was totally not cut out to be a law-abiding husband and parent.

But Robert hasn't yet taken that route. He still adheres to the Australian way of life, fairness, and truth. Diane might be sexy, cool, and entertaining. The first time Robert realizes he has a dangerous criminal in his possession, though... He appears to be a cute puppy that should be set loose on the street to bite once more, according to Diane.
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